Scott MacScott CTM

Scott MacScott CTM is a world renowned Tour Manager, committed to excellence in every aspect of the profession.

The Tour Manager is the most important part of your tour; Your eyes, your ears your voice. The spirit of your hard work is achieved through the knowledge and enerdy of your Tour Manager.

When you are choosing someone to achieve your vision your best choice is from those who know of all aspects of the industry. One who is committed to customer satisfaction and supplier relations.

If you want on the job training, then there is a mountain of aspiring guides that would love to work with you. When you need to rely upon the best of the best, then give me a call. I will not fail to impress you with my worldly experience, knowledge or lifelong dedication to the industry I love.

I believe that a guide is like a Japanese Sensi as defined by – One who has gone before. As a career professional.


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