Terms and Conditions

We provide free flexible rescheduling with at least 48 hours notice. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to change your tour. 


Terms and Conditions for Alexander Hamilton walking tour.

This document will serve to establish the terms and conditions under which tour participants shall participate in tours. By making a deposit or registering for a tour, the participants or their representatives have read, understood and agreed to the terms of this document, and have been given the full opportunity to ask the staff of The Travels LLC (hereinafter referred to as The Travels) questions he/she may have about such information.



  Please arrive 10 minutes early as the tour starts on time. You will not be able to catch up to the tour if late.

  The tour runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where The Travels is forced to cancel the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule to another time (subject to availability) or offered a refund.

  Tour participants are encouraged to wear layered clothing, as weather changes quickly in the area. Comfortable shoes are strongly encouraged for the walking tours.

  Participants are discouraged from bringing large bags/items on the tours, as walking is a featured part of each tour.

  The Travels is not responsible for personal items brought on the tours. Please be sure tour participants take all personal belongings when departing locations.

  Participants must be ready to walk for the scheduled length of the tour. There are no restroom opportunities on the tour. Please follow the advice "Go when you can, not when you must" and use the restrooms prior to the start of the tour.

  Tour participants must be self-responsible. The Travels will not be responsible for any medical expenses that the participant incurs. The Travels cannot be held responsible for any injuries or medical or legal expenses incurred during the tours or as a result of activities or injuries incurred during the tours. The participants agree to bear full responsibility for any liability resulting there from. The participant shall release, hold harmless and indemnify The Travels, its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims, damages, costs (including reasonable attorney fees) and liabilities arising out of the participant’s participation in tours or use of site facilities other than such as results from the gross negligence of tour guide operators, agents, or employees.

  Travel costs (limousines, taxis or subway/bus rides) are the sole responsibility of tour participants, unless expressly indicated in the tour description or contract.

  The Travels utilizes a US payment system, some overseas credit card operators may choose to apply a small additional charge to purchases made through this website. The Travels will not be responsible or liable for any of these charges should they occur.

  Audio Headsets are available free of charge for use, weather permitting, with the temporary hold of $60 to serve as a security deposit. This hold or security deposit will be returned at the end of the tour. Misuse, abuse or damage to the receiver or headset will forfeit your security deposit. In lew of a deposit, you may leave a government photo ID as proof that you will pay for any damage. The repair/replacement cost of the receivers is $60usd. IDs will be returned in exchange for the working receiver and headset, or a payment of $60 for each set lost or damaged. We have never had to charge this fee because our customers take care of these pieces of high tech equipment.  

  The Travels expects our customers to be respectful of the general public,  fellow tour participants and our vendors featured on the tours. The Travels reserves the right to dismiss any customer from the tour who exhibits behavior that jeopardizes the health or enjoyment of other customers on the tour.

  We respect your privacy and will keep your contact information and email address confidential. We reserve the right to contact you to request feedback on your tour or provide opportunities to take another tour.

  Whilst the Publishers will have used all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information contained on this web site is accurate, they shall not be liable for any loss, expense, damage or other inconvenience caused, in whole or part, by reliance upon such information and the user of the information does so at his own risk.

  If participants are under 18 years old they must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or teacher.

  Please note that audio and video recording of any kind is not permitted during the tour. Photos are highly encouraged while safely standing on sidewalks.

  Payment for your tour can be made online with a major credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and the Discover Card) via PAYPAL or by a check through arrangement. A confirmation email will be sent once payment has been authorized. A tour is not confirmed until a confirmation email is sent to the registrant.



We understand that your plans sometimes change. That is why we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible with our Flexible Reschedule Policy. What does this mean?

Free Rescheduling: You may reschedule with written notice 48 hours before a tour without penalty. No rescheduling possible inside of 48 hours. Only one tour rescheduling allowed.

Refund after rescheduling: Once you have been rescheduled, there can be no refunds if you decide not to take the tour.

Only tour credit will be assigned to your account after registration. If fewer than 48 hours written notice is provided in these cases, it is the policy to retain full (100%) payment of the scheduled tour. Management reserves the right to determine any adjustments to this policy on a case-by-case basis.



The event runs regardless of weather conditions. In the rare situation where The Travels is forced to cancel the event, registered customers will be allowed to reschedule to another time (subject to availability) or offered a refund. The Travels employs a no refund policy for missed tours or tours cancelled by customers within 48 hours of the start of the tour. Once a purchase and confirmation are made, we may have to exclude other customers who ask to take a similar tour on your date(s) of service. Your tour can be re-scheduled to another date without penalty with a minimum of 48 hours advance written notice, subject to availability.

Only tour credit will be assigned to your account after registration. With fewer than 48 hours or no advance written notice of cancellation or rescheduling, The Travels reserves the right to retain full (100%) payment of the scheduled tour.



Deposits paid  for charter and private tours will only be refunded if written notice is received more than thirty (30) days prior to the tour date.

The Travels aim to be on time for all tour starts. Vendors (museums, restaurants or shops) hold places for tour participants at a set time or schedule. If you arrive late and the tour is forced to begin more than 15 minutes past the scheduled start time, you may receive an abbreviated version of the tour. OR If you arrive more than 15 min late and the tour goes over the allotted time you will be charged an additional $100 per hour (prorated at 15-minute increments) for any delay caused by customer lateness. No refunds will be given for passengers who arrive late and cannot connect with the tour in progress. Clients are encouraged to give ample notice, if possible, if they wish to change their itinerary. Tour itinerary changes will be made as available. Additional hours of service or rental can be arranged up to the time of the tour commencement, subject to availability.

If lunch or breakfast is booked with your tour, due to the nature of restaurant industry, tour itineraries are subject to change, based on restaurant and vendor availability, sell-out bookings, restaurant closures or management changes.  Alternative locations with a similar level of service, price and characteristics will be used as substitutions in these cases. Tour registrants or their representative planner will be notified as soon as information becomes available about any itinerary changes.

Additional charges from tour and restaurant upgrades requested or not pre-arranged in tour description will be the sole responsibility of tour participants, including any requested alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy your tour!