A new entry to our blog, this time we want to share with you the reenactment of the Battle of Short Hills in Clark, New Jersey. 

Join Pvt Scott MacScott one more time on the front lines of the 5th NY Regiment in Continental forces in this great reenactment to celebrate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Short Hills.

"The Battle of Short Hills, which took place June 26th, 1777, embodies the ideal of the American struggle during the War for Independence. It was there, on the farmland of modern Union County that American patriots went head to head with the British Empire. Lord Howe, commander of the Crown forces, sought to lure General Washington down from the safety of his Watchung mountain stronghold. He attacked along with Lord Cornwallis in the early hours of June 26th. Holding off this two-pronged attack, American General William Alexander's Division of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania troops fought a gallant retreat. keeping the advancing redcoats at bay, the rest of the fledgling Continental Army marched to the safety of the Watchung. While a tactical defeat, this day ensured the survival of New Jersey as an American territory and forced the British to try a new approach to capturing Philadelphia. Instead of marching overland, the British went by sea, delaying them over a month. In turn, this set the stage for the victory at Saratoga. General John Burgoyne coming out of Canada, was unable to be reinforced by Lord Howe and capitulated in October 1777. this victory brought about the war winning French Alliance. Americans defended this land in the name of Liberty, let us remember their sacrifice and bring their memory home."  

This reenactment took place on June 24th and 25th 2017 at Oak Ridge Park New Jersey.

Music: Yankee Doodle

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